Magnolia essential oil

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Magnolia Fragrance Oil is extracted from the flowers of the Michelia Grandiflora. Magnolia essential oil is pale to orangish-yellow with a crisp, green, not too floral scent with a tropical-fruity hint! The essential oil regardless of it being beneficial to human beings, one is reminded to be cautious when using it. Pregnant women and women who are lactating should not use products that do have essential oil products. Everyone should consult with their doctors before they can use the product.


Benefits of Magnolia essential oil

Magnolia is a flowering plant that is in the family of the Magnoliaceae family. The flowers and bark of magnolia plants have been praised for their multiple medicinal applications, some of which are based in traditional medicine, while others have been revealed through modern research into the precise chemical components of the flower, its extracts, and the composition of the bark. Magnolia has long been praised in Chinese traditional medicine but is now widely regarded as a beneficial supplement or herbal remedy around the world. Now, let’s take a closer look at the many health benefits of magnolia essential oil

3. Alzheimer’s disease

For people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other disease that is related to the cognitive ability they can use Magnolia essential oil. This is because of the Magnolol compound that is present in the essential oil. The Magnolol compound helps in stimulating the acetylcholine levels in the brain.

There is also the Honokiol which helps in increasing brain activity mainly when it comes to memory. This helps in improving the memory of those people, who are suffering from any cognitive disorder by helping in preventing any stress that is oxidative.

4. Helps in respiratory issues

For a long time, the essential oil has been used for treating diseases that are related to the respiratory system. Some of these respiratory diseases are coughing, asthma, bronchitis, and excess phlegm. This oil has the naturally occurring corticosteroids in their compounds that help to treat even stubborn diseases that are hard to treat. For instance, it is very hard to treat Asthma since the patient who is suffering from it needs to use an inhaler that has steroids.

5. Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes treatment is among the functions of Magnolia essential oil which has led to most people using it. The barks of the Magnolia shrubs have the compounds which have similar qualities as Cortisol. Cortisol is a reducing factor that helps in the reduction of stress in the body.

Cortisol plays a huge role in helping in the regulation of the amount of blood sugar that is released by the body. The active ingredients in Magnolia essential oil perform this role very effectively which helps in preventing one from getting diabetes. For people who are already suffering from diabetes, they can use essential oil to help them keep their level of blood sugar in stable conditions.

6. Weight management

For people who are underweight, the use of Magnolia essential oil can help in increasing their appetite. This is because of the naturally occurring corticosteroid which leads to one developing craving for food.

7. Maintain liver health

Magnolia essential oil is known for stimulating the lymphatic system and helps in making the liver to function properly and help in toxins elimination. Magnolia helps in preventing fat from building up around the liver. The buildup of fat around the liver is among the major causes of liver failure due to various reasons. For people who have quit alcohol and who take alcohol, they can still use this essential oil to help in protecting any damage caused by alcohol to the liver as they age.

8. Anti-allergenic

The corticosteroid that is found in Magnolia helps one in not getting allergic reactions. This is by increasing one’s strength when it comes to the allergy they have towards things.


Uses of Magnolia essential oil

  • The essential oil may be used as an aphrodisiac, for sacred ceremonies, in emotional aromatherapy it is used to increase confidence and enhance well-being.
  • Magnolia essential oil can be used to treat allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections.
  • It offers relief for allergenic reactions and congestion.
  • The oil is occasionally applied topically to reduce fevers, regulate female hormones, and as an emollient that nourishes the skin and balances oil secretions.
  • Magnolia essential oil is thought to calm the nerves while stimulating awareness, increasing overall confidence, and acting as an aphrodisiac.
  • It has been effective in the treatment of scars caused by acne and wounds.
  • It has also been useful in the repair of damaged skin cells and pigmentation resulting from sun burn.
  • Magnolia is also known to be helpful in relieving respiratory tract conditions including colds and coughs as well as an effective remedy for joint pain caused by gout and rheumatism.
  • When used as a massage, Magnolia essential oil brings relief to joint pain and related conditions.
  • Because of its fragrance and antibacterial properties, it is used as an additive in gum and mints to treat bad breath.

IMPORTANT: All Brilliant Scents products are for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner.