Inspired By: Customized by Brilliant Scents

What could possibly be better than love? Three times more of it, of course! Just one sniff of this incredibly beautiful luxury blend and you’ll be feeling the love too! Elevating and elating top notes of mahogany are brightened and enhanced by uplifting tonalities of succulent raspberry and refreshing, jasmine. An engaging heart of coumarin, lavender and koa wood intertwine to create an essence of pure delight and romantic bliss. This affectionate aroma expertly dries down to opulent auras of sandal wood kisses and gentle embraces of warm, soothing musk, for an aromatic experience of love’s sweet surrender!


100ml, 500ml

Top Note


Middle Note

, ,

Base Note

, ,

$39.99$89.99 or from $35.99$80.99 / month



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