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Belize Breeze


Take a dip in the vast waters of the world with a fragrance that takes you to depths of the ocean and back. Accompanying hints of fragrant jasmine and enticing black pepper make for a restorative aroma that refreshes and hydrates in a single scent.


120ml, 500ml

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16 reviews for Belize Breeze

  1. Edmund Gill

    Immediately smelled the beachy sensation of this fragrance right when I poured it into my LX500. A great stress reliever!

  2. Rachael Warner

    Luxury for a good price. Have no bad experience with this company. This scent sold me when I received the blotter pack.

  3. Jodi Hammond

    What you smell is what you get! This scent didn’t change as time went on and still smells so fresh!

  4. Elias Chandler

    I made an excellent choice with this one! Was originally going to go with Costa Del Sol since it is the best seller but I went with this one because of the mix of flowery and warm. So happy I found this gem!

  5. Krystal Norris

    Got a basket of Brilliant Scents fragrances for my birthday, as well as the cute LX500 for my medium-sized apartment. AMAZING quality scents! Very much luxury and not cheap at all. Personal favorite was Belize Breeze but had a couple different favorites.

  6. Barbara Lynch

    After I had this scent, I went on to purchase 8 more! Each scent has turned out to be very smooth and I have yet to find one that I disliked.

  7. George Lynch

    I received the sample pack and loved this one right off the bat. I was scared the sample pack scent and the bottle scent would smell different, but they smelled exactly the same! Very pleased with these fragrances.

  8. Benny Brown

    I think I’ll be using this scent through the winter months since I get a warm feeling when smelling.

  9. Larry Morris

    I usually don’t really like scents because I am very sensitive and get overstimulated very easily. Brilliant Scents is one of those brands that I trust will not get me overwhelmed. This is one of the few scents that I have on rotation.

  10. Victor Scott

    I have a high rise apartment and this fits my warm and cozy feel. Really pulled the entire home together and I am always getting asked about it since the scent is so perfect!

  11. Blake Castillo

    I was always into floral fragrances so I was very interested in this once since it incorporated a lot of woody and warmth as well. I am obsessed! Going to be in the market for warm and floral scents.

  12. Tony White

    Top 10 scents from this line. Not my favorite but still very nice.

  13. Leon Alvarez

    Got this when they were having a sale. Didn’t look at what I was buying so it was a completely blind purchase, what a blessing! I got very lucky because I love everything about this oil. Very warm and flowery.

  14. Marsha Hines

    I have a couple shoe stores located all around the country and this scent is the signature scent in each store along with the LX500.

  15. Luis Mcbride

    Mature and gets me inspired to take care of myself and focus on self-care. Not sure it makes sense but it gets me motivated to make my house and myself perfect.

  16. Nancy Davidson

    Didn’t want something too perfumey if that makes sense, this one is the perfect mix. I would wear it as a body mist but it smells amazing in the home. The best of both worlds!

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