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Beloved, a beautifully crafted fragrance created by Brilliant Scents has sugary and candied notes that are perfect for any atmosphere. Sweet smelling fragrances have been known to create a pleasant atmosphere that can eliminate unwanted odors and radiate positive energy and moods. The physical and emotional health and the sense of smell are intertwined to make the scent of an environment impact mood and health. Sweet notes and fragrances have been linked to creating a more welcoming area and has a positive impact on mood and feeling.

3 reviews for Beloved

  1. Nichole Huber

    Brilliant Scents really knows how to create a fragrance. The notes blend perfectly and my wife loves the sweetness. It really brightens the mood in our house. Jackie Giwani – So nice when put into my Brilliant Scents diffuser. The super energizing fruity scent that is perfect for those early mornings

  2. Dimitri Hobbs

    A sweet and sugary dream in the most perfect way ever!! I have always been a fan of sweet scents. Looking at the notes, I could tell that this scent would be perfectly throughout my home. I was not wrong and I am now a happy subscriber to this scent. It arrives every month in perfect condition.

  3. Steven Nair

    I love Beloved! Using this in my home is such a game changer

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