Inspired By: Hermès Eau de Rhubarbe Écarlate®

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“Forever” is a crisp tangy freshness of rhubarb with the velvety allure of white musks.  An absolute luxury scent that will be sure to turn your space into a “WOW” factor.


26 reviews for Forever

  1. Edna Wilson

    A scent that radies clean energy. Just revitalizes your atmosphere

  2. Erma Benson

    The exact smell I was looking for! Floral and mellow!

  3. Krystal Norris

    This fragrance kicked off my love for Brilliant Scents. I have nothing bad to say so far

  4. Courtney Sarrion

    full and rich. That’s how I would describe this scent. You can easily smell the bergamot and jasmine which makes this scent my favorite.

  5. Chris Flesvig

    Fragrance for the people who love the smell of luxury. Forever is perfect.

  6. Jackie James

    I consider myself a fragrance expert. It is very rare for me to write positive reviews. But this smell completely changed my life. Brilliant Scents came to me via Instagram and I ordered a scent from each collection. I have had nothing but a great experience and Forever has been the main scent in my house for over a month. I am never getting tired of the smell!

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Frequently Asked

No. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the air handler and into the ductwork directly. This bypasses the unit completely and is harmless to your ductwork.

Our fragrance oils are 100% natural and additive-free, making them one of the purest and safest ways to fragrance a space.

There is absolutely no residue from our oils or machines. Our systems use cold-air nebulizing technology to create an ultra-dry mist of nanoparticles from our fragrance oil.

Yes. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the A/C Handler, so any air-flow, hot or cold, will fragrance your space.

Note: Warmer air can make fragrances stronger.

Depend on which unit you choose. the LX3000 can scent up to 3000 sq/ft while LX6000 is capable of scenting up to 6000 sq/ft.


For the LX500, one 120ML bottle of fragrance oil will last about 30 days on average.

For the LX3000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX5000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX6000, two 500ML bottles of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

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