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Frasier Fir


Filling the air with warm and comforting notes, treat yourself to this staple winter scent, Frasier Fir, to transform your home into a woody sanctuary that refreshes the mind and body.
Frasier Fir balances your atmosphere with Canadian Fir Needle, Frosted Pinecones, and White Spruce that tie in together to create a perfect aromatic winter experience.



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4 reviews for Frasier Fir

  1. Esme Villegas

    Smells like you’re at a cabin in the winter time with a fire lit. Brings me back to my childhood. When receiving the package, I got emotional with how similar the scent was to my cabin when I was a child. Thank you Brilliant Scents!

  2. Anthony Herrera

    The kind of scent you can use all year long. Never gets old.

  3. Aaliyah Klein

    Love the smell of pine and wood! Frasier Fir is my go-to scent all year long. Calms me down after a long day at work and actually lowers my stress levels. Scent can really help!

  4. Sebastian Crane

    If you don’t like those classic christmas scents, this one’s for you. Really makes it seem like the holidays without the sweet and sugary scents.

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