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Marrakesh Magic



120ml, 500ml

Top Note


Middle Note


Base Note

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The Inspiration

Marrakesh, Morocco

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The Inspiration

Marrakesh, Morocco

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9 reviews for Marrakesh Magic

  1. Mattie Waters

    Very crisp and mellow. Nothing strong which is what I was going for. The notes really resonated with what I was looking for. The perfect fragrance for me and my family.

  2. Alicia Cannon

    started using this fragrance in my workspace which holds about 10 office workers. Everyone loves it. Got many people asked me where they could find it and I directed them to the website. Creates a very welcoming atmosphere. Thank you Brilliant Scents.

  3. Essie Robertson

    A gorgeous aroma! Love the grassy scents that aren’t too powerful. Can really pinpoint the peach and patchouli as well. Very beautiful.

  4. Martha Baker

    I have a home office that smells a little odd, but this scent covers it right up. Completely changed the atmosphere to make it feel super comfortable. Very mellow smell.

  5. Stanley Castro

    A fresh scent that never goes unnoticed. Not too sweet, not too woody, the perfect middle ground for someone who’s starting off with scenting.

  6. Sammy Daniel

    Love the ingredient blend in this fragrance. Super fresh and clean. It does not get any better than this.

  7. Mario Griffith

    A very naturistic scent. But also incorporates floral notes that pull it all together. One of my favs 100%.

  8. George Lynch

    I usually am very picky about the scent of my home and stuck to using candles. But after finding Brilliant Scents, I am not obsessed. Specifically with this scent. Very natural and crispy scent

  9. Marco Sandoval

    Gifted this to my parents for their anniversary and they could not be more thankful. The house smells so fresh and clean now!

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