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Enjoy the holidays with sweet and fruity notes that can bring light and glee into your home. Velvet Pear is the perfect mixture of Honeycrisp Apple, Lemon, and Amber to tie in the candied twist to create a joyous holiday.


4 reviews for Velvet Pear

  1. Alfred Abbott

    Super fruity and sweet that pulls the home together. Creates a comfortable and festive environment. Never goes bad in quality and smell.

  2. Mario Griffith

    Brings my mood up immediately! Very candied and fresh. Smelling this is a nice start to my mornings all year long.

  3. Seth Rivera

    The Holiday Collection at Brilliant Scents hits the mark. I have gifted this scent to all my friends and family on Thanksgiving to get them ready for the December holidays. Every house and apartment was made into a winter wonderland, especially this scent.

  4. Sammy Daniel

    A Christmas miracle. A sweet scent that has the holiday spirit. Super nice to use around Christmas and new years. So glad I found it.

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Frequently Asked

No. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the air handler and into the ductwork directly. This bypasses the unit completely and is harmless to your ductwork.

Our fragrance oils are 100% natural and additive-free, making them one of the purest and safest ways to fragrance a space.

There is absolutely no residue from our oils or machines. Our systems use cold-air nebulizing technology to create an ultra-dry mist of nanoparticles from our fragrance oil.

Yes. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the A/C Handler, so any air-flow, hot or cold, will fragrance your space.

Note: Warmer air can make fragrances stronger.

Depend on which unit you choose. the LX3000 can scent up to 3000 sq/ft while LX6000 is capable of scenting up to 6000 sq/ft.


For the LX500, one 120ML bottle of fragrance oil will last about 30 days on average.

For the LX3000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX5000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX6000, two 500ML bottles of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

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