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Our fragrances are not just scents; they are experiences. With over 30 unique fragrances and counting, explore a world of scents that includes floral, citrus, woody notes, and more.” Top Fragrances
maliby mornings scent of the month brilliant scents
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Our Evergreen Classics

Though the Scent of the Month Club offers exclusivity, these are the fragrances that have captured hearts forever.

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Costa Del Sol

Inspired By: The 1 Hotel®

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month


35% OFF

French Riviera

Inspired By: Chateau De La Begude Hotel Cote d’ Azur

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month


35% OFF

La Mar

Inspired By: The Westin Hotel®

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month


35% OFF


Inspired By: Baccarat Rouge 540®

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month


35% OFF

Dorado Beach

Inspired By: The Ritz Carlton®

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month


35% OFF

Vegas Lights

Inspired By: The Aria® Resort & Casino

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month


35% OFF

St. Moritz

Inspired By: The W Hotel®

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month

35% OFF

Deja vu

Inspired By: Ritz-Carlton® Spa

From: $9.97 or from From: $8.97 / month

Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to provide fragrance blotter samples for you to smell first before purchasing. Just email us at [email protected] or simply call us at 800-640-4504 to connect with a sales rep.
Brilliant Scents diffusers use patented cold-air diffusion technology to transform a fine liquid fragrance into a dry micro mist. These are nebulizing diffusers, which differ from ultrasonic or humidifying and heat or evaporative methods. Cold air diffusion keeps the integrity of the scent intact and does not use any heat or water. The liquid scent molecules mix with air and vibration to create a dry plume of scent, which is slightly visible and dry. This dry mist is dispersed into the air either directly from the diffuser or injected into the supply duct of an hvac system to push the scent with the airflow. This method is the most effective way of scenting and can produce the strongest most direct results. Though, each diffuser has adjustable strength settings for your desired level of output. Scent is intermittently dispersed based on programmed settings, creating a consistent ambient scent.
Tech specs and an overview of each diffuser can be found on our website:System Manuals

It depends on your usage, the system, and size of space / strength settings, but our diffusers are designed for little maintenance needed. Some common refill times if using daily are average 30 days.   Approximate shelf life of the fragrances is 2 years. Please take care to store the fragrances properly in room temperature and away from direct sunlight, and properly sealed.

All of our fragrances use high quality ingredients, which include a blend of organic and all natural ingredients and safe synthetic molecules to make a well-rounded fragrance. All of our fragrances are approved safe for use by IFRA and designed specifically for diffusion (they are not meant to be worn on the skin). IFRA ensures a basis for the globally accepted and recognized risk management systems for safe use of fragrances through the IFRA Code of Practice. This means that the fragrances we use have been extensively tested by an international approved body, making sure the fragrance is safe for use. Brilliant Scents only offers IFRA certified fragrances and are free from harmful VOCs. Though it is uncommon, we know that some people may have sensitivities to scent, so be mindful of what works best for you. We find that with scent diffusion the scent is concentrated in such a small ratio that you’re not really coming into direct contact with a large enough quantity to cause issues generally. This is also more likely with essential oils as those are concentrated plant extracts.

Our all natural fragrance oils comprise most of our fragrances, which are perfume quality style scents specifically designed for diffusion. Their components include both natural materials like essential oils and absolutes, as well as synthetic scent molecules for a well-rounded consistent scent. Our fragrance oil blends are specifically just essential oils, meaning they are 100% natural and plant derived molecules. Essential oil blends tend to smell stronger and are more volatile (evaporate more quickly) than our fragrance oil blends. We take great care in the sourcing and creation of all of our fragrances to deliver high quality compositions.

A Glimpse into the Past – Our Previous Scents of the Month

Take a look back at the alluring scents we’ve curated exclusively for our club members.

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Luxe Elixir

luxe elixir
Top Note
  • Jasmine
  • Magnolia
  • grapefruit
  • Mandarin
Middle Note
  • Green Hyacinth
  • Lime
  • Rhubarb
Base Note
  • Amber
  • Patchouli
  • Ginger
  • Leather


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