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Journey of BrilliantScents


Brilliant Scents has taken years to manufacture and develop into the systems which they are today. We know first-hand how hard it is to find a reliable, healthy, 100% natural way to fragrance a space. Unlike our competitors who use generic, unhealthy, chemically-infused products, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest quality all natural fragrances in the world and continue to pursue the highest quality products through your reviews and suggestions. 

2017 was the start to our magnificent journey. This was the year CEO Eddie Betz came across a scent he loved while out shopping at a luxury boutique. After experiencing this fragrance sensation he was determined to find the company behind its creation. After extensive research, he was mortified to realise that the fragrance could not be purchased for home use. He wanted something in his home that was luxurious and made everyone feel welcome, just like the store.

After repeated attempts to reach this company he was told they wouldn’t speak to him unless he was operating a business. Unwavered, incorporated a consulting business registered at his home address to acquire a meeting with the fragrance company. Finally, they accepted his meeting and let him have the product in his home. While the beautiful aroma filled his home, it was contract based and very expensive. It then became his mission to create a solution that was just as unique, but designed and perfected for home use!

Fast forward two years of research, speaking to manufacturers, engineers, emails, phone calls and discussions, Eddie was now able to manufacture the systems we see/smell in homes and businesses today. The LX3000 & LX6000, the highest quality scenting machines on the market today. Brilliant Scents’ systems outperform all competitors in value, craftsmanship, and quality! 

ALL our fragrances are 100% natural, made in the USA and are IFRA certified. They also require no mixing or water for the strongest fragrance burst without overpowering your home, workspace, gym, or company! Our systems are designed using a proprietary cold air diffusion or Nebulizing Technology which then connects into your hvac system.

Luxury homes and companies are just not complete without a luxury fragrance and we are positive that we have something for you! Check out our products and pick the perfect fragrance aroma for your space today!

Transform Your Home Or Business With Luxury Aromatics

With years of experience in the aroma industry, our fragrance artists have perfected our oils to bring your favorite resort scents back home with you.

Brand Recognition

Guests will remember your brand by its signature fragrance long after their stay

Bring The Experience Home

Experience your favorite fragrances right at home with our destination series, inspired by the world's top resorts.

Brilliant Scents specializes in creating a luxury
fragrance experience for your home or business.