As pioneer in the field of scent marketing Brilliant Scents crafts scent-based ambient environments for leading hotels, casinos, retailers, gyms, restaurants, and other first-class establishments.

Spaces come alive, when we add Scent in the air

Hotel & Resorts

Create Signature Scents and give your hotel an unique smell identity.


Specially Developed Essentail Oil Blends to assist with mental concentration and alertness

Fitness Center

Refreshing experience after a work out, it will also eliminate airborne bacteria and stale odours


Specially Developed Essentail Oil Blend to assist with mental concentration and alertness


A pleasant but subtle scent that increases work productivity by stimulating employees’ senses

Car Showrooms

Provocative and Luxurious aroma oil blends to enhance car buying experience


Aroma helps create an environment where consumers spend more time