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No. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the air handler and into the ductwork directly.  This bypasses the unit completely and is harmless to your ductwork.

Our fragrance oils are 100% natural and additive-free, making them one of the purest and safest ways to fragrance a space.

There is absolutely no residue from our oils or machines. Our systems use cold-air nebulizing technology to create an ultra-dry mist of nanoparticles from our fragrance oil. 

Yes. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the A/C Handler, so any air-flow, hot or cold, will fragrance your space. 

Note: Warmer air can make fragrances stronger.

Depend on which unit you choose. the LX3000 can scent up to 3000 sq/ft while LX6000 is capable of scenting up to 6000 sq/ft.

For the LX3000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX6000, two 500ML bottles of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.