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Spa, a term that originated from the town Spa, Belgium, can go back to Roman and Greek times when soldiers would utilize mineral baths and techniques to relax aching muscles.

History shows that drinking and bathing Chalybeate, or spring water, creates a peace of mind that soothes the body. Soon after in 1595, a man by the name of Timothy Bright created an English Spaw, which then began the use of the term spa. Water was the main ingredient used in this spa, which was meant to heal the mind and body.

  • Daydream Quick View
    • Daydream Quick View
    • Daydream

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    • Deja vu Quick View
    • Deja vu

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    • Orange Blossom Quick View
    • Orange Blossom

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Spring water used in spas was also known to bring a sense of spiritual relaxation and purification. Rituals were then created to practice these relaxation techniques which were used by Native Americans, Greeks, and Egyptians.

In modern society, spas and different relaxation practices are proven to improve blood circulation and mental health.

The relaxation of the mind and body is crucial for humankind.