Brilliant Scents LX6000 Luxury Scenting System



Our business-ready scenting system is designed to fill up to 6000 sqft of space with the luxury fragrance of your choice. Best for larger homes & businesses.


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The Perfect In-Home Scenting System

The LX6000 is a luxury scenting system that delivers an even and consistent fragrance to an area up to 6000 sq.ft. Two 500ML bottles of our organic fragrances will last an average of 30 days without the need to refill or touch your machine.

Protection Health

Fresh Air

Sleep Aid

Settle Dust


Easy to install

A simple install can be performed in about 5 minutes and with no special skills or tools.

Effortless To Enjoy

A single refill of our fragrance oil  (two 500ML bottles) will last 30 days without the need to change or replace. One of the lowest-maintanence scenting systems available.


Big Coverage 6000 sq.ft

Fragrance Scheduling

HVAC/AC Connected

Quiet Operation

Adjustable scent intensity settings

Intellegent Programming Scheduler
Large area coverage: 3000 – 6000 sq.ft.
Easy refill: 1 Month of Consistent Fragrance

Refill or Change Your Fragrance Easily

30-Days of Fragrance

Two 500ml bottles of our fragrance will last 30 days without the need to refill.

Experience Something New

Changing fragrances is quick and easy! Simply rinse the oil container with alcohol, rinse, and refill with your new oil.

Product Specification

Product Features

1. Scent Coverage : up to 3000 cbm

2. Adjustable scent intensity settings

3 .Inner Fan to spread the smell to every corner

4.Built-in timing operation system, work periods setting are available for every day, ensure flexible use.


Order Service

The OEM and ODM service is available.

The professional after-sales service team, the machines enjoy 1 years limited warranty.

The delivery time is 3-30 days(depends on your quantity)

The R&D department researches and designs the machine according to the client’s requirement.

Cold-Air Nebulized

The purest way to diffuse your oils

Using filtered air, rather than heat or evaporation, the LX6000 diffuses an ultra-dry micro-mist into the air providing a complete and even fragrance throughout the space.

Built-in timing operation system

Customize Your Fragrance Experience
Schedule your LX6000 to fragrance your
space at different intensities, times, or intervals.

Refilling or changing oils takes moments. An easy-access panel can be opened and the oil can be poured int he canister

You can set the work time of the machine to manage the flavor concentration, like work 30 secs, off 30 secs, or work 30 secs , off 60 secs.etc .

It”s aluminium alloy /metal/PMMA outer, for its good lookings, and plastic, to protect the damaged from oil, less heavier.

There are five steps to clean to the machine
a. Take out the bottle.
b. Clean the oil bottle with ethyl alcohol.
c. Fill in fresh alcohol in the bottle and install it to the machine and open power for 10 minutes to clean the machine.
d. After the machine is cleaned, turn off the power.
e. Take out the essential oil and put into the metal bottle and install the bottle into the machine and close the back door.

Yes, we will send it with the retail box in blank (without any logo on it).


Sign-up for the LX6000 + two monthly 500ML bottles of our
fragrance for one low monthly price.

Setting Up Your LX6000

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