Our proprietary LX1200 cold diffusion based scenting system is designed to fill up to 1,200 sq. feet of space with the luxury fragrance oil of your choice. Best for apartments, small businesses, boats, RV’s.

The LX1200 oil diffuser is a very powerful and easy to use diffuser that will bring serenity, peace, and for companies a brand identity to your space. Utilizing nebulizing technology to release tiny nano-particle into the air, the LX1200 provides a subtle and consistent scented environment leaving no residue. This virtually silent scent diffuser covers up to 1,200 square feet of space in matter of seconds.


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The Perfect In-Home Scenting System

LX1200 HVAC scent delivery system is ideal for creating long-lasting ambient scent in your environments up to 1,200 sq. ft. A single 200ML bottle of our organic fragrances will last an average of 30 days without the need to refill or touch your machine.

IFRA Certified

Safe for all ages


Even Scent Coverage

Easy to install

A simple install can be performed in about 5 minutes and with no special skills or tools.

Effortless To Enjoy

A single refill of our fragrance oil will last 30 days without the need to change or replace. One of the lowest-maintanence scenting systems available.

lx1200 luxury scenting system

Big Coverage 1,200 sq.ft

lx1200 luxury scenting system

Round Screen Design

HVAC/AC Connected

Silent Running

Adjustable scent intensity settings

Intelligent Programming Scheduler
Large area coverage: 1000 – 1200 sq.ft.
Easy refill: 1 Month of Consistent Fragrance


Refill or Change Your Fragrance Easily

30-Days of Fragrance

A single 200ml bottle of our fragrance will last 30 days without the need to refill.

Experience Something New

Changing fragrances is quick and easy! Simply rinse the oil container with alcohol, rinse, and refill with your new oil.

lx1200 luxury scenting system

High quality metal with black anti-corrosion finish

Dynamic Light of oil Level

 The LX1200 scenting system has a built in fan to disperse the scent so a slight fan noise will be heard when the unit is in operation.

Customize Your Fragrance Experience

Adjustable duration and intensity settings
from 5 to 300 seconds making it easy for you to customize
the scent output for any environment.
lx1200 luxury scenting system

Refilling or changing oils takes moments. An easy-access panel can be opened and the oil can be poured int he canister

You can set the work time of the machine to manage the fragrance concentration. 

It’s an aluminium alloy /metal/PMMA outer shell

There are five steps to clean to the LX5000
a. Take out the fragramce bottle.
b. Clean the oil bottle with ethyl alcohol.
c. Pour fresh alcohol in the bottle and install it to the machine. Leave on for 10 minutes to clean.
d. After the machine is cleaned, turn off the power.
e. Remove the inner cannister, pour in your fragrance, install and enjoy.

Setting Up Your LX1200

Play Video about lx1200 luxury scenting system


Chris Flesvig
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I looked into a diffuser for my small clothing business shop hoping that I could make the place feel more like home. Found this online and I am so pleased with it! Customers love the smell.
Marilla Jesani
Read More
My family loves the smell of my home now! I put the concentrate higher since I do have animals living in my home. The foul odors are covered right up
Emily Fethiere
Read More
Super cute machine! I have been in the market for something that you can’t see and could easily hide. The fact that I can just pop this baby right into my ac closet and hang it on the wall is super convenient.

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