Best Bedroom Fragrance

Essential oils don’t just add aroma to a room, they also provide numerous health benefits for the household. Using a room diffuser is probably the easiest way to dispense these benefits into the air so as to improve your health, boost your energy and promote good sleep, among others.

10 Best Bedroom Fragrances


Lavender is synonymous with sleep. This calming smell has been used for centuries to help alleviate anxiety. It is even clinically proven to help slow down your nervous system that literally slows your body down. Allowing you to relax and sleep easier. Not to mention the light floral aroma offers a beautiful fragrance.


Maybe it’s the familiar baking scent that reminds us of Grandma’s kitchen that soothes us so. Or maybe it is literally the links to being a noted stress reliever and relaxer. Either way the benefits and calming properties of Vanilla make it an ideal fragrance to introduce to the bedroom.


The scent of Jasmine is sweet but soft and most surprisingly a solid sleep aid when it comes to scents. This scent again is helpful and powerful on calming the nervous system. Giving you a stress-fighting and sleep-inducing scent that also offers a bit of an aphrodisiac as well. Giving this bedroom fragrance two appeals.


Though Chamomile might be most closely associated with drinking tea before bed, the scent alone is quite powerful too. It’s soothing effects make it a great option for a bedroom fragrance. Especially if paired with another scent, like Vanilla or Lavender.


The slightly citrusy smell of this scent is an anxiety reducing cure. It is uplifting and helps rid negative thoughts and feelings leaving you in a much more calm and happy state.


Though it may smell similar to Rose, this floral scent has been used for years to help with insomnia and stress. Geranium is a natural sedative that has been a “go to” fragrance by aromatherapy junkies for years.


The though of a minty fresh smell may not make you think of sleeping. However, the amazing clarifying properties of Peppermint make it great for clearing your mind.

#8. ROSE

Rose is a classic fragrance that is so often linked with romance. Which is why this scent is so aptly used as an aphrodisiac. The soft floral scent certainly helps set the mood with it’s libido heightening association. Giving you a scent that is best used for pre-sleep events.


If you like the smell of more woodsy or warm, cozy scents than Cedarwood is a fabulous addition. Many find the association of a cozy campfire under the trees to induce calming and sleep inducing feelings.


More or less the bright and uplifting smells of citrus are best for helping you wake up in the morning. These scents are great bedroom scents, however, when you use them is key. These cheery fragrances are best for helping with cognitive function.