Car Showrooms

Scenting creates the mood for the customers to make the purchase within your showroom

The car showroom makes customers feel comfortable and build a unique experience. The uniqueness of the moment will create an emotional attachment between the car and the customer, by giving them a feeling of not just buying a car, but buying a dream. Brilliant Scents has a variety of fragrances to make that special moment as unique and pleasant as possible.

According to studies, happy customers generally stay longer in store and are more likely to make a purchase than otherwise. Happy customers also tend to make a larger transaction because they simply feel good and relaxed.

Buying a car is all about emotions, scenting car dealers who want to sell luxurious cars need more than just good sales people, they need to create a luxurious and inviting ambiance where consumers feel comfortable.

Brand Recognition

Guests will remember your brand by its signature fragrance long after their stay

Bring The Experience Home

Experience your favorite fragrances right at home with our destination series, inspired by the world's top resorts.

Brilliant Scents specializes in creating a luxury
fragrance experience for your home or business.