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HVAC Scenting is the best way
to fragrance a home.

HVAC scenting is the only scenting method that can evenly and consistently fragrance a space. Candles, plugin-ins, and free-standing diffusers concentrate a scent to a small area, require more maintenance, and are more costly for a lackluster result.

How HVAC Scenting Compares



Standing Diffusers

There are health benefits to natural fragrancing through the HVAC system.

Sense of smell enables you to experience your surroundings in a powerful way. Fragrance oil notes have been added to some of our HVAC scenting system fragrances for extra relaxation and rejuvenation for a natural twist.

Advantages to some of our fragrance notes:

You won't believe the money you can save with HVAC scenting in your home.

HVAC scenting systems are significantly cheaper overall compared to competitor pricing for candles and diffusers. The HVAC scenting system not only saves on costs per year but also avoids you spending money on chemically infused fragrances that don’t live up to luxury standards.

The average price of a large 12 ounce jar candle is $35 to start and lasts an average of 60hrs. This means you would need to purchase a new candle every 2.5 days which is 146 candles a year! This means you would spend on average $5110 a year on candles!


Our custom-made home scenting system is designed to fill up to 3000 sqft of space with the luxury fragrance of your choice. Best for homes & small businesses.

$799 One Time


$99.99 / Month

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Our business-ready scenting system is designed to fill up to 6000 sqft of space with the luxury fragrance of your choice. Best for larger homes & businesses.

$1199 One Time


$199.99 / Month

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Compared to the price of our LX3000 Luxury scenting system which is $799.99 outright or $99 a month including one scent a month of your choice. Our 500ml fragrance bottles last for 30 days straight without a refill! This means you would pay $1188 a year with our plan, Giving you a total savings of $3922 a year!

That’s the money for your next luxury holiday! 😉

HVAC scenting is the perfect way to cover a large space compared to candles.

Our LX3000 Scenting system covers up to 3000 sq ft of space; this is the same amount of space as three two bedroom apartments. Compared to competitor candles which cover a space similar to a walk in closet, giving spaces bigger than 10sq ft an insubstantial result.

Money aside…. Just as no two candles are the same, neither are room sizes. The average 12 ounce jar candle will generally only flow within a 10sqft area space. Not very luxurious at all…

Our LX3000 Luxury scenting system on the other hand is designed to fill up to 3000 sq ft of space with the luxury fragrance of your choice!

When you have multiple candles going at once in your home the senses can become overstimulated and confused which can lead to allergies or sneezing. This also leaves a lot of room for fragrance clashing throughout the home or workspace which is not appealing to guests.

The great thing about our luxury HVAC scenting systems is the fragrance you choose is distributed evenly throughout the house or workspace all day and at a rate that doesn’t overpower the senses which in turn makes guests want to stay longer and leaves them feeling more relaxed on the way out.

The Perfect In-Home Scenting System

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