Hotel & Resorts

Scenting Your Hotel/Resorts

What hotel or resort doesn’t want to be memorable? Nothing is more memorable than a smell, and by using one of our Brilliant Scent’s fragrances your hotel/resort will forever be on their minds. Fragrances with oils such as lemon, rose, and cedarwood are able to create a calming atmosphere, helping the guest to relax as soon as they arrive in their room.

The human nose is able to recall smells with 65% accuracy after a year, in contrast to only 50% of visuals after three months.

  • Hotels And Resorts tend to have a unique characteristic that makes them memorable, and we are here to offer it to you.
  • Scents tend to make people have a certain memory of the place, and hotels/resorts want to be remembered!
  • Scents are a way to make people feel welcome, and by introducing them to a different smell you are introducing a new adventure, moment or memory.
  • Scents are a different way to make people feel pleasure, stimulating their senses on get aways are especially pleasing.
  • Scents usually make us relive certain memories, by adding them to the air this makes them relive these memories over and over again.

Brand Recognition

Guests will remember your brand by its signature fragrance long after their stay

Bring The Experience Home

Experience your favorite fragrances right at home with our destination series, inspired by the world's top resorts.

Brilliant Scents specializes in creating a luxury
fragrance experience for your home or business.