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Experience the crispness of a gentle breeze carrying delicate hints of clean cotton, enveloping your space in a soothing and comforting ambiance. Elevate your environment with this rejuvenating fragrance that captures the essence of a fresh laundry day.

Whispering linen 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Whispering Linen

From: $48.74

Laundry day 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Laundry Day

From: $48.74

Crisp, clean, and comforting, Laundry Day captures the pure essence of freshly laundered linens. The bright sparkle of citruses dances with the elegance of floral notes, resting on a bed of warm woods. It’s a familiar embrace that brings the comforting feel of home to any space.

Zesty notes of lemon and mandarin awaken the senses, while the delicate blend of bergamot and ginger adds a touch of warmth. The base notes of jasmine and white tea create a soothing and tranquil ambiance, perfect for relaxation.

Silver Needle Tea 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Silver Needle Tea

From: $48.74

Sparkling Eycalyptus 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Sparkling Eucalyptus

From: $48.74

A refreshing scent of pine with the cool essence of mint, creating a revitalizing and uplifting aroma. With a subtle hint of wood in the base, this fragrance oil brings a touch of nature’s tranquility to any space. Experience the energizing and soothing qualities of Sparkling Eucalyptus in your scent diffuser today.

Embrace the aromatic symphony of spicy cinnamon and clove, harmoniously blending with the woody allure of cedar and patchouli. Finally, find solace in the warm embrace of amber as it intertwines with the captivating essence of patchouli. Immerse yourself in this heavenly oasis, where serenity and allure intertwine effortlessly.

Patchouli oasis 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Patchouli Oasis

From: $48.74

Mint retreat 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Mint Retreat

From: $48.74

The blend of mint leaves, peppermint, and spearmint instantly revitalizes, while hints of artemisia, jasmine, and rose add a delicate floral touch. Finally, the base notes of cornmint, herbal undertones, musk, and woody nuances create a serene and calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding and finding your inner peace

A harmonious blend of lavender, camphor, chamomile, rosemary, and sage creates a refreshing and calming aroma that fills your space. The warm undertones of cedar and sandalwood add a grounding touch, bringing tranquility and serenity to any room.

Lavender Bushels 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Lavender Bushels

From: $48.74

dreamy chamomile 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Dreamy Chamomile

From: $48.74

The delicate essence of Bergamot intertwines seamlessly with the soothing notes of chamomile, offering a tranquil and calming environment. Enhanced by a subtle woody undertone, this fragrance oil invites a sense of peace and relaxation.

Zesty lemon and invigorating ginger effortlessly blend, while the warm and exotic essence of amber and saffron weaves an alluring tapestry. Elevate your space with this captivating fragrance that evokes a sense of intrigue and sophistication.

cedar fusion 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Cedar Fusion

From: $48.74

birthday cake 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Birthday Cake

From: $48.74

A joyous celebration of sweetness, Birthday Cake is a nostalgic embrace that takes you back to cherished memories. The delightful harmony of sugar and cream creates an olfactory treat, finishing with a soft and comforting vanilla hug

Nothing signals morning more than the aroma of a fresh cup of espresso beans brewing and our Espresso Vibes blend brings with it an aroma that even the best high-end coffee shops can’t match.

brewed awakening 500 ml brilliant scents

Brewed Awakening

From: $48.74

Toasted horchata 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Toasted Horchata

From: $48.74

Indulge your senses with the comforting aroma of Toasted Horchata. This fragrance oil combines creamy buttercream with the warm essence of cinnamon and nutty undertones, delivering a delightful and cozy experience

A playful twist of citrus and a hint of lavender set the stage for a whimsical adventure. Fruit Loops is a colorful blend that tickles the senses with its vibrant energy, settling into a comforting base that leaves you smiling and content.

fruit loops 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Fruit Loops

From: $48.74

lemon pound cake 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Lemon Pound Cake

From: $48.74

Experience the delightful aroma of Lemon Pound Cake. Bursting with zesty lemons and tangy oranges, this fragrance oil is a sweet treat for your senses. Immerse yourself in the comforting scent of bakery batter, rich butter, and subtle hints of coconut

This fragrance oil tantalizes your senses with top notes of almond and fruity undertones. The heart of buttercream and chocolate adds a rich and decadent touch, while the base notes of coconut and vanilla create a warm and comforting ambiance.

Red velvet heaven 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Red Velvet Heaven

From: $48.74

cookie milkshake 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Cookie Milkshake

From: $48.74

A delightful blend of creamy ice cream accord and warm spices form the top notes, while the heart of the fragrance reveals the irresistible aroma of chocolate cookies and fragrant vanilla. The base notes of musk and sugar lend a sweet and comforting finish, evoking memories of indulging in a delicious milkshake.

With a top note of pistachio, middle note of almond, and a base note of vanilla bean, this fragrance oil beautifully captures the essence of sweet, nutty decadence. Experience a warm, inviting ambiance that will transport you to a cozy winter wonderland.

Frosted Pistachio 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Frosted Pistachio

From: $48.74

blueberry cheesecake 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Blueberry Cheesecake

From: $48.74

A delightful blend of creamy ice cream accord and warm spices form the top notes, while the heart of the fragrance reveals the irresistible aroma of chocolate cookies and fragrant vanilla. The base notes of musk and sugar lend a sweet and comforting finish, evoking memories of indulging in a delicious milkshake.

Transport yourself to a movie theater experience with our Buttered Popcorn fragrance oil. Notes of rich, creamy butter perfectly complement the unmistakable aroma of freshly popped popcorn, creating an irresistible scent that will fill any space with delightful nostalgia.

buttered popcorn 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Buttered Popcorn

From: $48.74

bourbon maple 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Bourbon Maple

From: $48.74

Savor the harmonious blend of sugary sweetness entwined with the distinct essence of bourbon and delicate floral notes. As the fragrance settles, the comforting embrace of amber, maple, and wood creates an inviting ambiance that lingers, captivating your senses with its irresistible warmth.

Cardamom Gingerbread captivates the senses with a delightful blend of zesty bergamot, fresh citron, and warm ginger root. Indulge in the rich heart of canela bark, cardamom, and clove leaf, creating a comforting and aromatic experience. Finally, be enveloped by the enticing allure of black cedar, dark amber, and torched vanilla, leaving a lingering and cozy scent in the air.

cardamom gingerbread 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Cardamom Gingerbread

From: $48.74

Hiking Trails 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Hiking Trails

From: $48.74

The invigorating top notes of bergamot and mountain air blend seamlessly with the crisp essence of pine needles. A heart of cypress water, dewy moss, and pinecones evokes the tranquility of nature, while the base notes of majestic spruce, musk, and tree bark encompass the earthy allure of a forest adventure. Experience the essence of the great outdoors.

Warm and comforting notes of allspice, chai tea, and star anise create a soothing aromatic experience. The fragrance is beautifully rounded off with hints of oat milk, sugar cane, and tonka bean, adding a touch of sweetness and richness. Unwind and indulge your senses with Lakeside Chai.

Lakeside Chai 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Lakeside Chai

From: $48.74

Midnight rose 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Midnight Rose

From: $48.74

Inspired by Le Labo® Rose 31, this fragrance captivates with a captivating blend of bergamot, peach, and vanilla. Its heart reveals delicate notes of chamomile, jasmine, and rose, while the base notes of cedar, musk, and wood bring depth and sophistication to this alluring scent. Experience the essence of elegance and romance with Midnight Rose.

Dewy maguet and forest notes awaken your senses, while a hint of orange rind adds a touch of brightness. As it unfolds, the scent reveals a harmonious blend of amber, cedar leaves, and jasmine. Finally, the deep embrace of mahogany, musk, redwood, and Tonka Bean lingers, creating an alluring and enchanting atmosphere.

Midnight Mahogany 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Midnight Mahogany

From: $48.74

Santal Dreams 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Santal Dreams

From: $48.74

This fragrance opens with a burst of citrusy bergamot, followed by a captivating heart of delicate cyclamen, jasmine, lily of the valley, and a touch of vanilla. The base notes of amber, balsamic tones, clove, and smooth sandalwood create a serene and comforting ambiance. Experience the allure and tranquility of Santal Dreams in your space.

A hidden oasis of splendor and grace, Secret Garden is a fragrance inspired by the enchanting Wynn Hotel®. It opens with a refreshing burst of lemon and green melon, inviting you into a lush sanctuary where flowers bloom with elegance. The delicate dance of lily and jasmine mingles with a unique blend of raspberry and oakmoss, settling into a musky embrace.

secret garden 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Secret Garden

From: $48.74

mystic moonlight 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Mystic Moonlight

From: $48.74

The Melia® Hotel’s mystical aura is captured in this fragrance, a dance of shadows and moonlit romance. The aromatic journey begins with the intrigue of bergamot and nutmeg, moving into a heart that beats with wild passion and grace, settling into a golden, amber embrace. It’s a nighttime serenade under a mystic moon.

Evoking the lush allure of Acqualina Resort®, Tropical Bliss is like a gentle breeze caressing your skin on a secluded tropical beach. With a splash of coconut and peach nectar, it takes you on a journey where waves kiss the shore, and blossoms fill the air with sweet serenade. A pure moment of bliss.

tropical bliss 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Tropical Bliss

From: $48.74

golden serenity 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Golden Serenity

From: $48.74

Inspired by the Nobu® Hotel, Golden Serenity unfolds like a luxurious silk robe, rich in grace and poise. A citrusy prelude gives way to a heart imbued with elegance and warmth, settling into a musky embrace. It’s a timeless piece of art that radiates a serene golden glow.

Capturing the ethereal essence of the Shangri-La® Hotel, this fragrance is a gentle caress of elegance and refinement. With delicate florals dancing around zesty undertones, it’s an intimate whisper of paradise that lingers in the air, wrapping you in a blanket of pure tranquility.

whispers of paradise 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Whispers of Paradise

From: $48.74

harmony haven 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Harmony Haven

From: $48.74

Inspired by the Equinox® Hotel NY, this exquisite blend is a gentle retreat for the senses. Imagine strolling through a serene garden where every step is accompanied by the delicate whisper of nature. The fusion of citrus freshness and subtle spice culminates in a soothing base, offering a peaceful escape to your very own haven of harmony.

Fresh, juicy apple notes and sweet orange tones intertwine with spicy pumpkin scents, warm cinnamon, sweet clove, spicy nutmeg and fragrant ginger aromas. Creamy vanilla and the sweet nuances of caramelized sugar tonalities blend together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrance accord.

autumn spice 500 ml brilliant scents

Autumn Spice

From: $48.74

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Blue Ice

blue ice
Top Note
  • Fresh Misty Air
  • Pomelo
  • Watermelon
Middle Note
  • Rose
  • Water Lily
Base Note
  • Amber
  • Musk
  • woody

Inspired By: Bellagio Hotel & Casino

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