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Dorado Beach


Delicate and fresh, this scent made out of melon, jasmine, and lemon was inspired by The Ritz Carlton Resort and brought to your place to bring the beach closer to you!


120ml, 500ml

Top Note


Middle Note


Base Note

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The Inspiration

Dorado Beach

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The Inspiration

Dorado Beach

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26 reviews for Dorado Beach

  1. Amber Stevens

    The Ritz Carlton has always been my favorite hotel, and having my own space smell like this amazing hotel is really a dream come true! Thank you Brilliant Scents!

  2. Loretta Coleman

    Calms me down after a long day. Never took scenting seriously until I realized how much it changed my home. This scent has been one of many favorites from this collection.

  3. Cody Andrews

    The dream mix of fruity and woody. Reminds me of the beach!

  4. James Martinez

    Purchased this for my wife since the notes in Dorado Beach are some of her favorite scents standing alone. She now is obsessed with this scent and it is constantly diffusing in our home. We love it!

  5. Lewis Barnes

    A beautifully made scent. Really has me on lock. Never going to be replaced!

  6. Marvin Stewart

    I always wanted to live by the beach, and now my home smells exactly like it! Very beachy and fresh just like my dream.

  7. Earl Clark

    Amazing amazing amazing company! Have zero complaints and will keep on purchasing this fragrance!

  8. Whitney Lane

    Wasn’t expecting much since everyone is creating beachy scents for the home. But Dorado Beach is so perfect! The blend of all the notes makes this oil very versatile.

  9. Amber Stevens

    I will be purchasing this scent again for sure!

  10. Amy Rogers

    When I close my eyes, it really feels like I’m in a cabana on the beach. Crazy but amazing!!!

  11. Anthony Herrera

    Dorado beach is so nice, I hope they never discontinue it.

  12. Patricia Mcgee

    A burst of energy in my home! Really a breath of fresh air in my apartment

  13. Dean Malone

    These fragrances make it seem like I’m not home, but on a beach! Super lovely thank you Brilliant Scents!

  14. Edmund Gill

    Great quality oil! I am always on edge when shopping online because I can’t even physically see the product, but this purchase is my favorite thing in the world!

  15. Kurt Bowen

    I was scared that the tobacco would take over the scent but it truly adds the perfect spice to the scent that it needs.

  16. Rita Bush

    Ordering and shipping was quick and easy and the fragrance came perfect and amazing. Shipping the fragrance did not change the scent and it stayed consistent throughout the use. 5 stars

  17. Sharon Hines

    A scent that really takes you back to your happy place, the beach! Calms my mind in the best way!

  18. Mario Griffith

    Use this in my condo in Miami, super nice since I am right by the beach.

  19. Sammy Daniel

    Used to go to the Ritz Carlton all the time, and I can truly say that this fragrance and that hotel smell VERY similar, almost identical.

  20. Carole Sims

    I love jasmine!! Everything I own has jasmine in it and I knew I had to get Dorado because it not only has jasmine, but it has melon, tobacco and musk! It sounded so interesting, but I love it!!

  21. Mattie Waters

    Finally found a fragrance for my office. Everyone loves it and wants me to get the sample pack so they can pick which fragrances they want to try next.

  22. Sherry Carpenter

    I have repurchased this about 4 times now and I can never get enough! This should tell you that I am a die-hard fan of this oil and probably will never stop using it.

  23. Alicia Cannon

    It’s everything you want in a smell, fresh and a little musk and spice.

  24. Essie Robertson

    What an excellent scent, I have had nothing bad to say so far with any of the Brilliant Scents products thus far.

  25. Marco Sandoval

    Changed the scenting in my house to Dorado Beach and it is perfect for me and my kids

  26. Stanley Castro

    I have clients coming up to me left and right asking about this amazing smell, which is Dorado Beach. I highly recommend you to start using this in your business because your customers will love it!

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