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La Mar


This fragrance is a blend of lemon, jasmine, and pine, originally inspired by the Westin Hotel, to build a truly uplifting and cleansing atmosphere to your home or workspace.


120ml, 500ml

Top Note

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Middle Note

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Base Note

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The Inspiration

La Mar

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The Inspiration

La Mar

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18 reviews for La Mar

  1. Barbara Lynch

    I have major allergies and any little scent can set me off into a sneezing fest. This is hands down the answer to all my problems. No allergies when this scent is on!

  2. Luis Mcbride

    I am usually very sensitive to fragrances but La Mar has a very soft smell that doesn’t over take my senses. I am glad that I can finally diffuse fragrance in my home without getting headaches.

  3. Angelica Cook

    A scent that truly makes everyone in the room feel more happy and cheerful! I am now a very happy subscriber to this fragrance while pairing it with the LX3000.

  4. Krystal Norris

    All my friends and family are asking about this one! Everytime I throw a party, this scent is on and going in my diffuser. Calming to the people!

  5. Elias Chandler

    Threw away all my candles after this one. No longer spending money on candles! This scent takes the cake.

  6. Victor Scott

    The perfect scent to diffuse in the morning because of the uplifting notes included. Love it so much.

  7. Blake Castillo

    An all time favorite from me! Just so fresh. Take the leap and purchase while you can! I might just buy out the inventory!

  8. Tony White

    Have this scent in my tiny beach house and it could not be more perfect! Fits the theme I was going for.

  9. Ronald Baker

    After ever scent I have tried from multiple different scenting companies, and I have to say I come back to this company AND this scent! Take it from me and get this one! Overall company is amazing.

  10. Whitney Lane

    I got the best selling scents from this collection and I love this one and Costa Del Sol. 100% recommend.

  11. Marsha Hines

    Not so strong which I like! I never wanted anything too overwhelming so this was perfect for me.

  12. Vanessa Smith

    This one is a no risk scent! Everyone loves it! Nothing too crazy either so this is my go too gifting scent.

  13. Angelica Cook

    I put my LX500 in high intensity with this scent because it’s so soft and fresh. I love it!

  14. Angie Foster

    One of my top 3 scents from this collection is La Mar. Simple and straight to the point. What you smell is what you get and I can guarantee it smells amazing.

  15. Matt Walton

    I am usually very sensitive to fragrances but LaMar has a very soft smell that doesn’t over take my senses. I am glad that I can finally diffuse fragrance in my home without getting headaches.

  16. Herbert Fisher

    I have gotten so many compliments while using this clean scent. A perfect blend of fruit and wood. Creates a tranquil atmosphere.

  17. Edna Wilson

    This scent sticks around even after you turn your diffuser off. Which is nice since you can use less oil.

  18. Vickie Sherman

    A very simple and mellow scent that doesn’t overpower my home at all. If you are looking for something for everyday use, La Mar is at the top of my list.

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