LX500 Luxury Scenting System


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Our popular LX500 home or small space commercial scent system. Simple to use and to be turned on each day using a remote control (provided). Features an auto turn off and scent intensity program. This unit can be manually set to come on for 1, 4 or 8 hours per day before it auto turns off.

The LX500 is a classical sleek, sexy, cylinder design with a beautiful aluminum metal alloy outer surface. Ideal for small residential, boats, and commercial areas – Toilets, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, retail store, reception room, small hotel lobby, hallway and many more small spaces. This simple solution uses a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils.

Enjoy your favorite Brilliant Scents fragrance with our Luxury small Scenting System. Easily filling 550 sq. feet of space, the LX500 is portable, quiet and perfect for use in any room.

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Easy to install

A simple install can be performed in about 5 minutes and with no special skills or tools.

Effortless To Enjoy

A single refill of our fragrance oil will last 30 days without the need to change or replace. One of the lowest-maintanence scenting systems available.

Rotatory Buckle Design

Scent Coverage : up to 500 sq.ft
Large area coverage: 5500 sq.ft.
Cold-Air Nebulizer for Fragrance .Built-in timing operation system

lx500 luxury scenting system

30-Days of Fragrance

A single 500ml bottle of our fragrance will last 30 days without the need to refill.

Experience Something New

Changing fragrances is quick and easy! Simply rinse the oil container with alcohol, rinse, and refill with your new oil.

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Frequently Asked

Refilling or changing oils takes moments. An easy-access panel can be opened and the oil can be poured int he canister

Intensity can be easily adjusted by modifying the on/off cycle (working time) of the diffuser.

Press & Hold the UP and DOWN buttons for 10 seconds to lock and unlock the controls.

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