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St. Moritz


Inspired by The W Hotel, St. Moritz is a fragrance originated from lemon and sugar, with the combination of sweet floral scents such as jasmine and magnolia.


120ml, 500ml

Top Note

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Middle Note

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Base Note




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The Inspiration

St. Moritz

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The Inspiration

St. Moritz

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20 reviews for St. Moritz

  1. Alexis Neal

    A great smelling scent, one of my favorites out of all the collections

  2. Edmund Gill

    What a positive experience I had when purchasing this fragrance! I was recommended the top 5 scents and this was my favorite. Will never get tired of it!

  3. Patricia Mcgee

    Exactly what I needed in my small apartment. A floral fresh scent that covers up unwanted odors.

  4. Seth Lewis

    This floral scent paired with the LX3000 fills my house with a beautiful scent all day every day! Love Brilliant Scents, my go too scenting company.

  5. George Lynch

    An amazing floral aroma for someone who is looking for a flowery scent that isn’t too overpowering. Very mellow and sweet.

  6. Luis Mcbride

    The koa wood and amber pull these fragrances together with the lemon and other sweet notes. Love the balance.

  7. Larry Morris

    Usually not drawn to such scents, but gave it a chance since it has woody base notes. This fragrance definitely changed my mind when it comes to floral notes. Can’t stop using St.Moritz!

  8. Victor Scott

    Getting loads of compliments from this scent, makes my small apartment feel like an escape from reality, just by the smell!

  9. Blake Castillo

    I have tried a lot of scenting oils but I am always coming back to St.Moritz! There is nothing like it and it is so lovely!

  10. Tony White

    Brilliant Scents started my fragrance addiction and I can now say that this is my favorite fragrance out of all the collections!

  11. Ronald Baker

    My husband and I recently purchased a home and we were in the market for a nice home scenting system and oils. This scent is now our signature scent and we have not stopped using this for over 2 months! Highly recommend it!

  12. Ronald Baker

    Even after turning off my diffuser, the scent still roams around my apartment, which is amazing for saving oil and money!

  13. Whitney Lane

    The perfect thing for getting started with scenting. Nothing too crazy, just a simple floral clean scent.

  14. Whitney Lane

    My desire was always to have a nice smelling home and my dreams are finally coming true! St. Moritz is my scent when throwing parties and hosting family, I almost always get compliments.

  15. Leon Alvarez

    Very elegant scent that has every perfect note that you can imagine. All around good, no complaints.

  16. Marsha Hines

    I found this brand on facebook but then lost it. Have been looking for it for months and I finally found it!! I got almost everything from this website and I am now an obsessed buyer!! Love love love.

  17. Vanessa Smith

    The scent of my house really makes an impact on my health and body aches. St. Moritz is one of the few scents that make me wind down with no body aches or headaches.

  18. Angelica Cook

    I have been in the process of trying every single scent in every Brilliant Scents collection and this has definitely reached my top 5!

  19. Angie Foster

    A great smelling scent, one of my favorites out of all the collections
    Simon Butler – Exactly what I needed in my small apartment. A floral fresh scent that covers up unwanted odors.

  20. Matt Walton

    Bought a couple from each collection and this has been my favorite so far. There is still a lot left to try, keeping my signature scent spot open.

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