St. Moritz

Inspired By: The W Hotel®

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Inspired by The W Hotel, St. Moritz is a fragrance originated from lemon and sugar, with the combination of sweet floral scents such as jasmine and magnolia.


19 reviews for St. Moritz

  1. Larry Morris

    Usually not drawn to such scents, but gave it a chance since it has woody base notes. This fragrance definitely changed my mind when it comes to floral notes. Can’t stop using St.Moritz!

  2. Luis Mcbride

    The koa wood and amber pull these fragrances together with the lemon and other sweet notes. Love the balance.

  3. George Lynch

    An amazing floral aroma for someone who is looking for a flowery scent that isn’t too overpowering. Very mellow and sweet.

  4. Seth Lewis

    This floral scent paired with the LX3000 fills my house with a beautiful scent all day every day! Love Brilliant Scents, my go too scenting company.

  5. Patricia Mcgee

    Exactly what I needed in my small apartment. A floral fresh scent that covers up unwanted odors.

  6. Alexis Neal

    A great smelling scent, one of my favorites out of all the collections

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Frequently Asked

No. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the air handler and into the ductwork directly. This bypasses the unit completely and is harmless to your ductwork.

Our fragrance oils are 100% natural and additive-free, making them one of the purest and safest ways to fragrance a space.

There is absolutely no residue from our oils or machines. Our systems use cold-air nebulizing technology to create an ultra-dry mist of nanoparticles from our fragrance oil.

Yes. The fragrance is dispersed AFTER the A/C Handler, so any air-flow, hot or cold, will fragrance your space.

Note: Warmer air can make fragrances stronger.

Depend on which unit you choose. the LX3000 can scent up to 3000 sq/ft while LX6000 is capable of scenting up to 6000 sq/ft.


For the LX500, one 120ML bottle of fragrance oil will last about 30 days on average.

For the LX3000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX5000, one 500ML bottle of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

For the LX6000, two 500ML bottles of fragrance oil will last 30 days on average.

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