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Sugar Beach


Creating an oasis, and a true escape from the stress and bustle of everyday life, Sugar Beach is a fragrance oil inspired by The Edition Hotel® that envelopes you with the intoxicating scents of luxury. With notes of cashmere and cedarwood, it’s the perfect scent to warm up your living space or to brighten up your office.


120ml, 500ml

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The Inspiration

Sugar Beach

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The Inspiration

Sugar Beach

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26 reviews for Sugar Beach

  1. Laura Ramirez

    The perfect warm scent to create a cozy feeling. I diffuse this scent at night because it helps me wind down. Love it!

  2. Amy Rogers

    The smell of cashmere has always been my favorite scent. Brilliant Scents did a fantastic job with pairing cashmere with cedarwood and sandalwood to really create a sense of warm goodness.

  3. Jacqueline Torres

    Brilliant Scents knocked it out of the park with Sugar Beach. I received the blotter pack and immediately was drawn to this scent. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite smells ever!!

  4. Martha Baker

    Absolute perfection. My favorite scent of all time

  5. Ross Moody

    Sugar Beach was recommended by a friend and now I can’t stop using it! My favorite scent in the Destination Collection

  6. Tracy Carson

    This scent is a staple in my fragrance collection. It is truly the perfect blend of floral and woody notes

  7. Clara Robinson

    Sugar beach is a staple in the destination collection. Hits the make with woody and sweet. Thank you Brilliant Scents!

  8. Lois Mckinney

    So many positive things to say about this scent! I now use it at my beauty salon.

  9. Crystal Wilson

    Starting getting into scenting when my parents moved back in, they love it and I love it! Sugar Beach is a staple.

  10. Virginia Mathis

    I have been through multiple fragrance oils and Sugar Beach is the only one I have zero complaints about! Love this in my home office and bedroom.

  11. Monica Watts

    An amazing scent that I will be purchasing again!

  12. Amy Reed

    Diffuses so nicely and spreads to every room in my home. Never loses its sparkle and stays consistent.

  13. Kendra Warren

    The smell does not go away after my Brilliant Scents diffuser is off! Saving oil while still smelling the amazing scent.

  14. Nancy Davidson

    This scent started my love for this fragrance and diffuser brand. I now own almost every single scent and can’t wait till they come out with more products. Nice job Brilliant Scents

  15. Helen Silva

    Had a whiff of this scent at my local doctors office and had to ask where he got it from. He told me to give Brilliant Scents a call and they recommended Sugar Beach. The best recommendation EVER!

  16. Marion Graham

    Never second guessing this brand. After my experience with multiple aroma companies, Brilliant Scents has the best customer service and best fragrances. My favorite is this one!

  17. Hannah Walker

    Saw an ad for the top 5 best scents in the Destination line and Sugar Beach stood out. Smells really good!

  18. Whitney Lane

    The best fragrance I have invested in a very long time!

  19. abhishek (verified owner)

    My family is very happy with this scent. Everyone loves it!

  20. Patrick Hernandez

    I usually am very picky when it comes to fragrances but this is my favorite of all time. It never gets old.

  21. Louis King

    When receiving this scent, I was scared that it would have too many sugary notes and make my home smell sweet. I could not have been more wrong. The combination of cedarwood, cashmere, and mahogany is pure perfection.

  22. Harold Walker

    I was in the market for something with that warm and cozy feel, this oil IS IT! Have not even looked online for something else after finding this gem!

  23. Robert Long

    Paired this with my new LX3000 from Brilliant Scents. A wonderful combination and I will probably keep this scent in the machine for a very long time.

  24. Larry Morris

    Was super excited when I ordered. Heard a lot about this scent through friends, and all my expectations were met! Very relaxing scent that helps me sleep at night.

  25. Victor Scott

    This scent is timed on my diffuser like clock work! I always have it on.

  26. Whitney Lane

    Called a member of the team and asked about this scent since it was promoted a lot through social media, and I am impressed. Really made my home smell cozy and warm.

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