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Vegas Lights


Rich of floral scents, Vegas Night was inspired by The Aria Hotel to give your place a luxurious atmosphere, by bringing our combination of vanilla, jasmine, and sugar scents to you.


120ml, 500ml

Top Note


Middle Note

, ,

Base Note




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The Inspiration

Las Vegas

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The Inspiration

Las Vegas

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15 reviews for Vegas Lights

  1. Alberta Manning

    When I saw that this scent was inspired by the Aria Hotel, I knew that I had to get it. It is quite frankly perfection in a bottle. Smells exactly like my favorite hotel and I could not be happier.

  2. Barbara Lynch

    My husband and I have different taste in smells. He likes the warm and manly tones while I love flowers and sugar. This one was great in between because it had both musk and jasmine. We both are very pleased with this purchase.

  3. Elias Chandler

    Uplifting to say the least. No complaints.

  4. Seth Lewis

    Such a lovely aroma! Found this brand on instagram and this fragrance quickly caught my eye. A blind purchase but I do not regret it whatsoever. Love this business!

  5. Krystal Norris

    Love Vegas so I had to purchase just to see if there’s a resemblance between the Aria Hotel. Its safe to say that they both smell very similar to each other! Blew my mind, and will be purchasing again once this bottle is used up.

  6. Victoria Colon

    Very nice while going through the bottle. The oil finished in a good amount of time and the smell never changed. No issues over here!

  7. George Lynch

    Vegas definitely caught my eye when browsing through the website. Amazing scent!

  8. Benny Brown

    Was a little nervous about purchasing because of the sweet notes that are included, but turned out great and not too overpowering.

  9. Luis Mcbride

    If you like flowery and sugary notes this one is for you! Very pleasant, makes your home smell like a flower garden with being too strong.

  10. Larry Morris

    I have always preferred sweet and sugar scents in my home because it helps me wake up in the morning. I have my diffuser on a timer everyday to go off at 6 in the morning. This scent is very successful for getting me up.

  11. Tony White

    Been the Aria Hotel a handful of times since I love going to Vegas and staying there. The scents are very similar so I definitely recommend it!

  12. Whitney Lane

    Got this for a friend who had her birthday in Vegas as a memory. She loves it! And she’s now on her 2nd bottle!

  13. Marsha Hines

    I run a small salon out of my home and needed to start making it a more pleasurable experience for the clients who come in. I got this scent hoping that it would smell sweet and get rid of any chemical smells that appear from all the products I own. It did its job and all the clients that come into my home love the smell! Will be trying more fragrances from each collection very soon.

  14. Vanessa Smith

    After looking at the reviews for this fragrances, I purchased it hoping it would live up to expectations. It definitely did! So luxurious and sweet, everything that I hoped for.

  15. Nancy Davidson

    I have been experimenting with this brand for a while and I can confidently say each scent is crafted perfectly and is nowhere near cheap. 10/10.

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