Aroma helps create an environment where consumers spend more time

Increase the impulse buying & willingness to return and remember with Scenting

There are many ways to lure customers in a store, and having a unique and pleasant smell is one of them. Fragrances might feel like a regular smell, but our fragrances consist of oils that could influence a person’s mood, but in a store could influence the customer’s purchases.

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Expand Your Customer Experience

According to studies, happy customers generally stay longer in stores and are more likely to make a purchase than otherwise. Happy customers also tend to make larger transactions because they simply feel good and relaxed.

Research suggests that in the short term, we recall 35% of what we smell.

The store’s goal is to sell as many products as possible and to do so they need customers. Fragrances are a natural way of luring customers and giving them a unique experience. Scents are also able to change the customers mood, helping them to make a decision and pleasing them enough to make them want to come back.

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