Increase the impulse buying & willingness to return and remember with Scenting

There are many ways to lure customers in a store, and having a unique and pleasant smell is one of them. Fragrances might feel like a regular smell, but our fragrances consist of oils that could influence a person’s mood, but in a store could influence the customer’s purchases.

Research suggests that in the short term, we recall 35 percent of what we smell but only 5 percent of what we see, 2 percent of what we hear and 1 percent of what we touch.

The store’s goal is to sell as much product as possible, and to do so they need customers. Fragrances are a natural way of luring customers and giving them a unique experience. Scents are also able to change the costumers mood, helping them to make a decision and pleasing them enough to make them want to come back.

Stores are supposed to make people comfortable, and stores tend to have decorations relating to such themes so that people feel its uniqueness, but what about in it  unique aroma? By using one the the Brilliant Scent fragrances the store will have a unique and luxurious feeling to it! The theme won’t be the only reason people come back.

  • By giving the store a smell customers that pass by will feel the urge to check it out and make them feel more attracted to the goods that are being sold.
  • The aroma could be a way to relate and be more involved around the theme

Brand Recognition

Guests will remember your brand by its signature fragrance long after their stay

Bring The Experience Home

Experience your favorite fragrances right at home with our destination series, inspired by the world's top resorts.

Brilliant Scents specializes in creating a luxury
fragrance experience for your home or business.