Scent marketing can help transport companies to add a touch of luxury to their brands and improve their customers' overall travel experience.

Brilliant Scent is now able to diffuse fragrances into airplane cabins, cruises, and even trains, building a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere to prepare the passengers to a new adventure. The scents are able to give comfort, destress, and reduce anxiety, enhancing passengers’ experience and helping people suffering from hodophobia.

Scenting not only helps get rid of nasty smells but creates an atmosphere which is clean and puts visitors in the right mood, calming or uplifting.

  • Transportations can be related to adventures and routines; two different things unless your routine is always an adventure.
  • On airplanes and trains people ten to have the desire to feel at ease but sometimes they aren’t able to. Some infused oils have the ability to help people sleep better and feel at more ease, and that is a good way to please your customer
  • – in cruises people have that feeling that they want to enjoy every moment possible, and a way to help them is offering a smell of adventure, since it is that they are facing right now. A cruise could use a beach vibe fragrance to make them feel as if hey are already on their destination 


Brand Recognition

Guests will remember your brand by its signature fragrance long after their stay

Bring The Experience Home

Scented retail products such as Aroma Diffuser,Fragrance oils further for your hotels and guests

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