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Something In the Air? The Science of Scent and Scent Marketing Explained. 

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“Of all the senses, the smell is the most persuasive.” 

-Martin Lindstrom

The Power of Scent

One of the best and yet most overlooked aspects of marketing involves the sense of smell. 

Science proves that smell has a powerful ability. An ability that drives behaviors on both a subconscious and instinctive level. 

The scent is powerful to the human body. It affects our mood, triggers memories, and even improves our cognition.

Smells are first processed through the olfactory bulb. Which has a direct connection to two brain areas that react to emotion and memory. Not even visual, auditory, and tactile information pass through these areas. This explains why scent is more powerful than any other sense to trigger these emotions!

What Is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing is using certain fragrances to link experiences between customers and brands. The right fragrance will help to communicate a clear likable brand identity. That heightens a company’s value perception. Which improves customer linger time, attracts new customers, and increases sales. 

Attaching that ability through specific fragrances can influence your consumers toward more purchases. While giving them a positive association with your brand. 

Have you ever walked into a retail space and differentiated the brand solely by its scent? If so, you most likely have a clear idea of what scent marketing can do.

Capitalizing on prior positive memories and associations develops a response to your brand. That stays consistent each time a consumer experiences a particular fragrance (Scent Marketing).
Benefits to scent marketing: 

  • Strengthen Brand Identity
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction by up to 20%
  • Generate up to 11% More Sales Revenue
  • Increases the time consumers spend in a shop or business
  • Elevates mood
  • Improves the quality of a sale

Because the sense of smell is being ignored when it comes to business branding. Scent marketing has proven to increase customer satisfaction, and value per customer. While creating a strong link between memory and smell. Which can be a key factor in creating long-term loyal customers.

Join the millions of other businesses augmenting their efforts with scent marketing!

“Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.”

― Vladimir Nabokov

It’s Not Just Physical, It’s Emotional 

Consumers crave emotional experiences. The Harvard Business Review conducted a study on the importance of connecting emotionally with customers. They found that emotionally connected customers are 72% more likely to return.
Have you ever smelled something, and suddenly memories instantly flooded your mind?

What about a smell that reminded you of a business? If yes, then you were probably exposed to scent marketing. For years, businesses have used the powerful tool of scent to keep customers coming back.

Managing customer emotions helps improve brand perception and influence attitudes toward the brand. Businesses are utilizing fragrance now more than ever. Tapping back into our oldest, strongest connected sense. Scent! Add aroma to your customer’s experience and create a long-lasting emotional connection. Sure to bring them back again and again.

Businesses That Successfully Use Luxurious Aromas to Improve the Customer’s Experience

Hotels and spas

There’s something special about walking into a luxurious hotel. Maybe it’s the clean, cozy crisp scent of light florals and fresh blueberries in the air. Scents are just as powerful as décor. Hotels make memorable staples this is why Brilliant Scents started its hotel collection. Effortlessly turn your business or home into a lavish experience. 

Retail stores

Shopping is supposed to make people comfortable. Stores take advantage of decor and use such themes, so the consumer feels their uniqueness. But what about its unique aroma? By using one of the Brilliant Scent retail fragrances your business will have a unique and luxurious feeling to it! The theme won’t be the only reason people come back.

Early scent marketing was achieved by workers spraying the scents by hand throughout the store. One of these well-known marketing examples was done by Abercrombie & Fitch. The proprietary line of scents is spread throughout each corner of the store by nebulizers to fully engage the shopper and reduce purchasing inhibitions.

HVAC scenting is the only scenting method that can evenly and consistently fragrance a space. Candles, plugin-ins, and free-standing diffusers concentrate scent to a small area, require more maintenance, and are more costly for a lackluster result.

The Brilliant Scents LX5000 HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning System) scent delivery system is ideal for creating long-lasting ambient scent in your large-scale environment.

Ideal for spaces up to 5,500 square feet of space and perfect for large homes, and commercial areas. 

Turn to Brilliant Scents a line of unique, toxin-free scents that can be diffused through your HVAC system. Combine premium fragrances and your brand to enhance any space!



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