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Does aromatherapy really help to reduce depression and anxiety?

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Short answer is YES, and here’s how…

A brief background story is that aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that began over 3500 years ago, using natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Aromatics were first used by the ancient Egyptians for perfume, medicine, and religious purposes.

The actual term “aromatherapy” was invented in 1935 by the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. After a burn incident, he claimed he treated it with lavender oil which is known to have many healing and soothing properties. 

Breathing in natural aromas and fragrances has proven to have positive effects on our mood by decreasing anxiety and emotional stress while increasing positive feelings. 

Our scent is the strongest of our five senses. It is a powerful connector between people and the world around them, as it enforces strong associative properties that can bring back memories and positively alter the mood. 

It’s like adding magical powers to the air we already breathe!

We are by no means saying that aromatherapy can cure depression or anxiety in the long run. However, studies have confirmed that it can help relieve their symptoms so it is definitely worth considering giving it a try! 

“Lose your mind and come to your senses.”

 ― Fritz Perls

Without using sprays, aerosols, or heated oils, Brilliant Scents Aroma Diffusers disperse fragrance particles into the air though using a dry-air technique that’s applied on all our products. By doing this, the scent can be dispersed consistently and evenly.

People who have allergies or sensitivities to particular substances frequently found in sprays and aerosols may find this to be not only more cost-effective and ecologically friendly but also more safe!

The dry-air technology is also incredibly convenient to use because it doesn’t need to be cleaned or maintained.

Aroma Diffusers are a great low-effort addition to self-care. 

Help balance your mental and emotional health by associating a fragrance you like with the area you spend the most time in! 

Fun fact, a sensation of comfort can be produced by associating a particular scent with a certain location. Since the limbic and emotional centers of the brain are strongly tied to the sense of smell, some smells can induce sensations of serenity and relaxation.

For instance, if you often use lavender in your bedroom, you may start to link the scent with a sense of relaxation, which may improve your ability to unwind and go asleep. Midnight on Collins and Sugar Beach are some of our favorites with lavender! 

If you use something citrusy and refreshing in your working space to help you focus and feel more energized, you will eventually link that scent to being more productive and concentrated. Our top picks for this are La Mar and St. Moritz

You can also make your space feel cozier and more soothing by using an aroma diffuser to release a familiar scent. This can aid in lowering tension, encouraging relaxation, and enhancing general wellbeing. 

A good smell can help with mood enhancement, anxiety reduction, and attention and focus enhancement.

Aromatherapy really can help bring a person into the present moment,” suggests Dr. Mason Turner, Chief of Psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco.

Not sure how to include aromatherapy in your everyday routine? Here are some suggestions.

During your bath

We can probably all agree that bath time is one of the most relaxing parts of our day. Aromatherapy will make the experience even more relaxing and pleasant and you won’t have to take extra time off your day to do it! All our diffusers are portable and come with a remote control so you’ll have no problem bringing it with you in the bathroom.

While you meditate or do Yoga 

Work on your breathing and de-stress at the same time. If you’re a meditation junkie, this is the perfect time to do your aromatherapy as it will perfectly fit into your routine and will help you further relax and clear your mind. Our diffusers are discrete and quiet so they will easily blend in and contribute to a peaceful and calming experience.

While getting ready for bed

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep by turning on your diffuser while getting ready to go to bed. It will relax you and ensure you doze off the minute your head hits the pillow. You’ll be sure to have a productive and energetic day.

While you work (at home or in the office)

Start your day right with a refreshing scent that will help you focus and be more productive. A great example is the Atlantis Escape with citrusy, fresh top notes of lemon and orange blossom, middle notes of melon, rose and base notes of cedarwood and musk. 

Depending on your mood and needs, choose from the wide selection of different fragrances we have available. Start your journey toward a more peaceful and happy life today.

It’s crucial to remember that while some people may find aromatherapy useful for reducing stress, it is not a replacement for expert medical care. Please seek the assistance of a licensed healthcare provider if you are experiencing extreme anxiety or stress.



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