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secret garden 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Secret Garden

Inspired By: Wynn Hotel®

From: $48.74

Wynn Hotel®

A hidden oasis of splendor and grace, Secret Garden is a fragrance inspired by the enchanting Wynn Hotel®. It opens with a refreshing burst of lemon and green melon, inviting you into a lush sanctuary where flowers bloom with elegance. The delicate dance of lily and jasmine mingles with a unique blend of raspberry and oakmoss, settling into a musky embrace.

Luxor Hotel® & Casino

Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Luxor Hotel® & Casino, Sparkling Cashmere is a celebration in a bottle. It opens with a burst of effervescent joy, transitions into a floral symphony, and culminates in a luxurious and warm embrace. A fragrance that sparkles as brightly as the night sky.

sparkling cashmere 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Sparkling Cashmere

Inspired By: Luxor Hotel® & Casino

From: $48.74

mystic moonlight 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Mystic Moonlight

Inspired By: Melia® Hotel

From: $48.74

Melia® Hotel

The Melia® Hotel’s mystical aura is captured in this fragrance, a dance of shadows and moonlit romance. The aromatic journey begins with the intrigue of bergamot and nutmeg, moving into a heart that beats with wild passion and grace, settling into a golden, amber embrace. It’s a nighttime serenade under a mystic moon.

Acqualina Resort®

Evoking the lush allure of Acqualina Resort®, Tropical Bliss is like a gentle breeze caressing your skin on a secluded tropical beach. With a splash of coconut and peach nectar, it takes you on a journey where waves kiss the shore, and blossoms fill the air with sweet serenade. A pure moment of bliss.

tropical bliss 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Tropical Bliss

Inspired By: Acqualina Resort®

From: $48.74

golden serenity 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Harmony Haven

Inspired By: Nobu® Hotel

From: $48.74

Nobu® Hotel

Inspired by the Nobu® Hotel, Golden Serenity unfolds like a luxurious silk robe, rich in grace and poise. A citrusy prelude gives way to a heart imbued with elegance and warmth, settling into a musky embrace. It’s a timeless piece of art that radiates a serene golden glow.

Shangri-La® Hotel

Capturing the ethereal essence of the Shangri-La® Hotel, this fragrance is a gentle caress of elegance and refinement. With delicate florals dancing around zesty undertones, it’s an intimate whisper of paradise that lingers in the air, wrapping you in a blanket of pure tranquility.

whispers of paradise 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Whispers of Paradise

Inspired By: Shangri-La® Hotel

From: $48.74

harmony haven 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Harmony Haven

Inspired By:Equinox® Hotel NY

From: $48.74

Equinox® Hotel NY

Imagine strolling through a serene garden where every step is accompanied by the delicate whisper of nature. The fusion of citrus freshness and subtle spice culminates in a soothing base, offering a peaceful escape to your very own haven of harmony.

Hilton Hotels®

This clean, crisp scent of Lanai Sunrise welcomes you in and lets you know that this is where you never want to leave. Lanai Sunrise is an all natural fragrance oil which will capture that feeling and transport your senses to a luxury paradise.

lanai sunrise 500 ml Brilliant Scents

Lanai Sunrise

Inspired By: Hilton Hotels®

From: $48.74

sugar beach 500 ml brilliant scents

Sugar Beach

Inspired By: Edition Hotel®

From: $48.74

Edition Hotels®

Creating an oasis, and a true escape from the stress and bustle of everyday life, Sugar Beach is a fragrance oil inspired by The Edition Hotel® that envelopes you with the intoxicating scents of luxury. With notes of cashmere and cedarwood, it’s the perfect scent to warm up your space.

Çırağan Palace Kempinski Resort

Inspired by Istanbul, this mysterious and warm spicy scent reflects all the rich colors of Istanbul and invites everyone to a mysterious adventure. Discover the hidden scents of Istanbul now!

getaway 200ml brilliant scents


Inspired By: Çırağan Palace Kempinski Resort

From: $48.74

dorado beach 500 ml brilliant scents

Dorado Beach

Inspired By: The Ritz Carlton®

From: $48.74

The Ritz Carlton®

Delicate and fresh, this scent made out of melon, jasmine, and lemon was inspired by The Ritz Carlton Resort and brought to your place to bring the beach closer to you!

Hôtel Château de la Bégude Côte d'Azur

Lush sandalwood, warm Virginia Cedar, and beautiful iris scents this aroma has every one of your angles covered. From fine violet to smooth Tuscan leather and sensual amber, find every piece of yourself in this scent.

french riviera 500 ml brilliant scents

French Riviera

Inspired By: Hôtel Château de la Bégude Côte d'Azur

From: $48.74

st. moritz 500 ml brilliant scents

St. Moritz

Inspired By: The W Hotel®

From: $48.74

The W Hotel®

Inspired by The W Hotel, St. Moritz is a fragrance originated from lemon and sugar, with the combination of sweet floral scents such as jasmine and magnolia.

The Atlantis Resort®

This invigorating fragrance is a fresh and fruity blend, perfect for the warmer months. It consists of citrusy, fresh top notes of lemon and orange blossom with middle notes of melon, rose and base notes of cedarwood and musk.

atlantis escape 500ml brilliant scents

Atlantis Escape

Inspired By: The Atlantis Resort®

From: $48.74

vegas lights 500 ml brilliant scents

Vegas Lights

Inspired By: The Aria® Resort & Casino

From: $48.74

The Aria® Resort & Casino

Rich of floral scents, Vegas Night was inspired by The Aria Hotel to give your place a luxurious atmosphere, by bringing our combination of vanilla, jasmine, and sugar scents to you.

The Westin Hotel®

This fragrance is a blend of lemon, jasmine, and pine, originally inspired by the Westin Hotel, to build a truly uplifting and cleansing atmosphere to your home or workspace.

la mar 500 ml brilliant scents

La Mar

Inspired By: The Westin Hotel®

From: $48.74

costa del sol 500 ml brilliant scents

Costa Del Sol

Inspired By: The 1 Hotel®

From: $48.74

The 1 Hotel®

The famous Santal based scent has a very rich combination of cashmere, cedarwood, and eucalyptus creates a perfect woody and well balanced atmosphere so that you can indulge your senses with one of our most luxurious scents. Inspired by The One Hotel.

Disney Resorts®

Escape to Disney with a fragrance oil inspired by some of their luxury resorts. This essential oil is a delightful aromatic blend of top, middle, and bottom notes. The perfect scent for a fresh start or for an escape from the everyday.

magic splash 200ml brilliant scents

Magic Splash

Inspired By: Disney Resorts®

From: $48.74

marrakesh magic 500 ml brilliant scents

Marrakesh Magic

Inspired By: Mondrian Resort

From: $48.74

Mondrian Resort

Escape to Mondrian Resorts with a unique scent inspired by one of their global luxurious resorts. A unique blend of Cedarwood, Patchouli and Madagascar Vanilla will create a unique environment.

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach® & Trump Towers®

midnight on collins 500 ml brilliant scents

Midnight on Collins

Inspired By: The Fontainebleau Miami Beach® & Trump Towers®

From: $48.74

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Blue Ice

blue ice
Top Note
  • Fresh Misty Air
  • Pomelo
  • Watermelon
Middle Note
  • Rose
  • Water Lily
Base Note
  • Amber
  • Musk
  • woody

Inspired By: Bellagio Hotel & Casino

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